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Super-Slant Window Well Cover


Custom-made to fit YOUR well, our super-slant window well cover provides superb drainage and protection against debris.

  • Steep Design for Optimal Drainage
  • Rust-Free Aluminum Support
  • Quick-Release Lock System
  • Hinged with Prop-Up Bar for Easy Open
  • 7-Year Warranty

Super Slant Window Well Protection Cover – Product Features

Our unique super slant model is made of high-grade polycarbonate (the bullet-resistant type). This quality plastic has a special UV formula. As a result, it will not turn yellow over time, even if it’s exposed to the merciless summer sun all year round. The plastic in the cover has more than 20 years of longevity.

Along with the “unbreakable plastic,” these heavy-duty window well covers have a sturdy aluminum frame structure. The rust-free material is durable and, more importantly, lightweight. This allows even children and the elderly to lift the cover with ease in case of an emergency.

Included in the Super Slant cover price:

  • Custom-fitted Polycarbonate window well cover
  • Aluminum framing
  • Supports 400 pounds static weight
  • Hinge and prop-up bar for easy access or egress
  • Locking system for the cover
  • Warranty – 7 years
  • Optional: Aluminum mesh sides for ventilation at no additional cost

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E. Thoresen, McFarland, WisconsinE. Thoresen

The cover fit beautifully and exceeds my expectation. It was a major improvement from the original cover.
Super-Slant Window Well Cover
CTA background window well

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